As Authorised Distributors of Riway International, we will uphold the Codes as follows

Distributor’s Code of Ethics
  • I will build my RIWAY career upon principles of integrity, righteousness, and honesty, and will comply with all rules and regulations.
  • I will comply with all laws and regulations and will not resort to fraud and deception, or any behaviour that goes against the Company’s image.
  • I will comply with RIWAY’s Code of Conduct and will not induct members or establish a downline through unethical means.
  • I will sell the products according to the Company’s pricing table and will not engage in price-slashing or give away high value gifts with the purchases.
  • I will be honest in reporting my tax contributions. I am solely responsible in the event of any violation of laws and evasion of taxes.
  • I will uphold the Company’s image and reputation at all times.
  • I will maintain all of the Company’s tangible and intangible assets at all times.
  • I will use, promote and sell products and will not only focus on bringing in new members as distributors.