Events Highlights

This will be the 10th Year Anniversary Gala Dinner which will be held in Singapore Expo on 23 Jun 2018. About 20,000 people will be attending and tickets are running out fast.The 9th Anniversary Gala Dinner held on 24 Jun 17 in Singapore Expo. 20,000 people turned up for the event.Leadership Training Seminar held concurrently in 23 countries on Aug 2017

The special Leader Recognition Night held in Myanmar in Jun 17 for Tun Tun Phai for becoming the first Pegasus In Myanmar
Leader Recognition Night December 2017 Penang HighlightPegasus Night held in Maldives Jul 2017

Team Elite Night Oct 2017 Hong KongOpening Ceremony of Malaysia HQ in Shah Alam in Apr 2017Top Leader Meeting held on Dec 2017 in Hangzhou